1. To construct, maintain, and operate a museum, library, and hall of fame devoted to the game of horseshoes, which will provide the public with an opportunity to better understand the history and development of the game of horseshoes and the people associated with it.

2. To solicit and receive gifts, bequests, donations, contributions, and conveyances of real estate, stocks, securities, commodities, monies and any and all real and personal property, the net income and principal of which shall be used exclusively in furtherance of the charitable and educational purposes set forth in the preceding paragraph.

3. To develop and disseminate information to the public concerning the game of horseshoes as an amateur and recreational sport.

4. To Provide instruction and training of individuals for the purpose of improving and developing skills of amateur horseshoe players.

5. To foster national amateur horseshoe competitions.

6. To promote and advance the game of horseshoes within the United States and internationally as an amateur and recreational sport.