We express our sincere thanks to the following who have
donated throughout the year.

Jan/Feb, 2020

Donating $10-$99

Bill Hendrix, MO
Charles Bunner, WV
Tennessee HPA   (In Memory of Bill Davis)
Pacific NW HPA
Mel Yockstick, CO

Donating $100-$300

Minnesota Gopher State HPA
Maryland HPA
North Caroline HPA   (NHPF Benefit Tournament)
Dale Hughes, CA
Paul Weise, WI
Millstadt Horseshoe Club , IL
Iowa Hawkeye HPA
Joe & Mary Summers, CA

Donating $500-$1000

Casey & Gail Sluys, CA
Bricks Purchased By
Larry J. Pertuit, LA
Kentucky Horseshoe Pitching Assn.
Fond Du Lac H.C., WI
Greg Bendzick, MO

Other Income

Half Moon Bay Horseshoe Club     $200.00     Grant repayment
Museum Donation box    $154.00
Lindsay Bangers, CA    $95.00     Grant repayment
Exeter HC, CA    $20.00     Grant repayment
Merchandise Sales    $285.00
QRHC Rent    $2,500.00

Mar/Apr, 2020

Donating $15-$99

Republic County Ringers, KS
Charles Bunner, WV

Donating $100-$300

Dave & Cathie Loucks, CA
Richmond/Ottawa Horseshoe Club, KS
Central Connecticut Horseshoe Club
Minnesota Gopher State HPA

Other Income

NHPA $1 per member annual $8325.00
Amazon Smile $52.80

May/Jun, 2020

Donating $15-$99

Bert W. Logsdon, IA
Charles Bunner, WV 
Bill Sprague Horseshoe Team, IA
  (Roz Smith, Skip Hills, Shirley & Bill Sprague)

Donating $100-$300

James & Phyllis Quist, WA
Stewart & Sandra Sipma, ND
Brian Poole, ID
Do Drop Inn Horseshoe Club, IL
Washington State HPA, WA 

Donating $300-$600

Clearwater Horseshoe Club, FL

Other Income

Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club MO  $2500.00 (Rent)