We express our sincere thanks to the following who have
donated throughout the year.

Jan/Feb, 2019

Donating $15 – $99

Casey Sluys, CA      (Bob Diekamp Memorial)
Charlie Bunner, WV
Jim D& Phyllis Quist, WA
Paul & Judy LaCross, CO
Marvin & Marlys Timm, MN     (Bob Dunn Memorial)
Bert W. Logsdon, IA
Ken Frazer, NY
Karen Graham, NY
Southern Tier HC, NY

Donating $100 – $300

Kenneth Walters, OH
Paul Wiese, WI
Joe & Mary Summers, CA
LeRoy J. Law, IA
Mel L. Yockstick, CO
Dave & Cathie Loucks, CA

Donating $300 – $500

Florida State HPA
Jessica L. Lee, MN (Bob Dunn Memorial)
Casey & Gail Sluys, CA

Bricks Purchased By

Connie J. Filley, WY
Tim Gilmore, LA
Quail Ridge HC, MO
George Davis, CA
John Phoenix, IL
Do Drop Inn HC, IL                                     

Other Income;

Quail Ridge HC, MO        $2500 Rent

Mar/Apr, 2019

Donating $10 – $99

Terry & Lorraine, WI
Carol Casados, AZ
QRHC Wednesday Golfers, MO
Oklahoma HPA, OK
Charles Bunner, WV
Rick Wright, MN

Donating $100 – $300

Paul & Korinne Wiese, WI
Anthony Ridder, KS (Earmarked for Bush Brick)
Minnesota HPA
Richmond/Ottawa HC, KS (Grant Repayment)

Donating $900 – $1000

Highlands County HC, FL

Other Income;

National Horseshoe Pitchers Association $450.00 Rent
Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club, MO $2500.00 Rent

May/Jun, 2019

Donating $10-$99

Terry & Lorraine Sternberg, WI
Carol Casados, AZ (earmarked for Bush Brick)
QRHC Wednesday golfers, MO
Oklahome HPA, OK
Charles Brunner, WV
Rick Wright, MN
Lamb Weston
Marvin & Marlys Timm, MN
Anthony Ridder, KS

Donating $100-$300

Paul & Korrinne Wiese, WI
Minnesota HPA, MN
Richmond/Ottawa HC (grant repayment)
Ukiah Valley Horseshoe Club, CA
Ron & Gloria Deckard, FL
Central Connecticut HC, CT

Donating $500 – $1000

Highlands County HC, FL
Clearwater HC, FL

Other Income

Museum Donation Box  $180
NHPA    $450 rent
Quail Ridge HC $2500 rent

Jul/Aug, 2019

Donating $10-$99

Charles Bunner, WV
Douglas Carr, TN

Donating $100-$300

Network for Good ( Anonymous )
Tennessee Horseshoe Pitchers Association
Jim & Phyliss Quist, WA
Ronnie Boyd, TN
Jerry Dean, MD
Gus McGehee, AL
John Austin, OH
Burt Logsdon, IA
David & Carla Sidles

Other Income

Quail Ridge HC $2500 rent