We express our sincere thanks to the following who have
donated throughout the year.

Jan/Feb, 2018

Donating $10-$99
Charles M. Bunner, WV

Donating $200-$499
Dave & Cathie Loucks, CA
Millstadt Horseshoe Club, IL
Joe & Mary Summers, CA

Donating ($500-$750)
Casey & Gail Sluys, CA

Bricks Purchased By
Zane & Joyce Goggin, GA

Other Income;
NHPA $250.00 Rent
City of Bronson, KS $279.00
Grant Repayment
Bob Dunn Book Sales $ 39.00

Mar/Apr, 2018

Donating $100-$199
Leroy J. Law, IA
Sonoma County Horseshoe Club, CA

Donating $200-$499
Richmond/Ottawa Horseshoe Club, KS
(Grant Repayment)
Iowa Hawkeye Horseshoe Pitchers Association, IA

Other Income;
Museum Donation Box $ 125.00
Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club $ 2500.00 Rent