Over $107,000 in grants have been issued by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation. In 2003, the NHPF began issuing grants to construct or upgrade horseshoe pitching courts on public property. While currently capped at $3000, the Foundation is committed to supporting up to four (4) grant applicants per year. There is no legal obligation to repay the grant. However, the NHPF Directors may look more favorably upon those applicants who pledge to hold annual fund-raising events to donate something back so the Foundation can continue to support other clubs and grow the grant amounts in the future. The directors review Grant requests in the months of March and September each year.

NHPF Grant Application

2003 Grants
$1000 to the Gresham Horseshoe Club, Gresham, OR
$1000 to the Morrison County Horseshoe Club, Pierz, MN
$1000 to the River Raisin Horseshoe Club, Adrian, MI
$1500 to the Fayette County Horseshoe Club, Victor, WV
$1000 to the North Dakota Metro Recreation League, Fargo, ND
$1000 to the Platteville Horseshoe Association, Platteville, WI

2004 Grants
$1000 to the Jefferson City Parks & Recreation, Jefferson City, MO
$1000 to the Mylan Park Horseshoe Pitching Club, Morgantown, WV
$1000 to the Mile High Horseshoe Club, Prescott, AZ
$1000 to the North Mankato Horseshoe Club, North Mankato, MN
$1000 to the New Haven Horseshoe Club, New Haven, CT

2005 Grants
$1000 to the Grand Forks Park District, Grand Forks, ND
$1000 to the Treasure Valley Horseshoe Club, Nampa, ID

2006 Grants
$1000 to the Clinton Parks & Recreation, Clinton, MO
$1000 to the Davis Public Schools, Davis, OK
$1000 to the Goldendale Horseshoe Club, Goldendale, WA
$250 to the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 200, Cary, NC
$750 to the City of Warsaw, Warsaw, MO

2007 Grants
$750 to the Treasure Valley Horseshoe Club, Mountain Home, ID
$750 to the Treasure Valley Horseshoe Club, Meridian, ID
$1000 to the Wausau Horseshoe Pitching Club, Mosinee, WI
$750 to the Anaconda Horseshoe Club, Anaconda, MT

2008 Grants
$1000 to the Moore Horseshoe Pitching Club, Moore, OK
$750 to the Dan Patch Horseshoe Club, Savage, MN
$1000 to the Little Elm Horseshoe Club, Little Elm, TX

2009 Grants
$1000 to the Pretzel City Horseshoe League, Freeport, IL
$1000 to the Dead Ringers Society, Stevenson Ranch, CA
$500 to the City of Cole Camp, Cole Camp, MO
$1000 to the Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers Association, MN
$1000 to the San Francisco Horseshoe Pitchers Club, San Francisco, CA

2010 Grants
$1500 to the Winter Haven Horseshoe Club, Winter Haven, FL
$1500 to the Klamath Basin Horseshoe Pitchers Club, Klamath Falls, OR

2011 Grants
$1500 to the Greater Detroit Horseshoe Club, Oak Park, MI
$1500 to the Lisbon Left Hand Club, Lisbon ME
$1500 to the Lake Isabella Horseshoe Club, Lake Isabella, CA
$2000 to the NHPA for Touchscreen viewing in HOF room
$3000 to the Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club for electronic scoring system

2012 Grants
$1500 to the Balboa Park Horseshoe Club, San Diego, CA
$1500 to the Affiliated H.P.C.,MCPARC, Fairmont, WV
$1500 to the Town of Sterling, CT, Sterling, CT (Junior League re Mike Parrillo)
$1500 to the City of Ames, IA (re Jan Warwick)

2013 Grants
$1500 to the Brick City Show-Me Horseshoe Club, Mexico, MO
$1500 to the Lake Orion Horseshoe Club, Lake Orion, MI

2014 Grants
$1500 to the Gun Barrel City Horseshoe Club, Gun Barrel City TX
$1500 to the Rt. 66 Ringers Horseshoe Club, Amarillo, TX
$2600 to the Gold Country Horseshoe Club, Nevada City, CA
$3000 to the Belchertown VFW, Belchertown, MA
$1500 to the City of Bronson, Bronson KS

2015 Grants
$1500 to the Richmond Horseshoe Club, Richmond, KS
$2000 to the Oak Bend Horseshoe Club, Ocala, FL
$3000 to the Central Connecticut Horseshoe Club, Hartford CT
$3000 to the Open Pit Horseshoe Club, Butte, MT
$2500 to the Exeter Iron Benders, Exeter, CA
$3000 to the Lindsay Bangers, Lindsay, CA

2016 Grants
$1500 to the Nemo Horseshoe Club, MO
$3000 to the Half Moon Bay Horseshoe Club, CA
$3000 to the St. George Horseshoe Pitching Club, UT

2017 Grants
$1500 to Stevens Point Horseshoe Club, WI
$3000 to Hamilton Horseshoe Club, MA
$1500 to St. Clair Shores Horseshoe Club, MI
$3000 to Kickapoo Valley Ringers Horseshoe Club, WI
$3000 to Ross County Horseshoe Club, OH

2018 Grants
$1000 to City of Elk Point, SD
$3000 to Hillman Horseshoe Club, MI

2019 Grants
No applicants

2020 Grants
$3000 to New Haven Horseshoe Club, CT

2021 Grants
$3000 to Valley Horseshoe League, CT
$3000 to Nevada Elks Lodge #564

2022 Grants
$3000 to Metro League of Greenlevel, NC
$3000 to Little Bull Falls Horseshoe Club, WI
$3000 to Dean’s Round Robin HSC (Machias), NY
$3000 to Bertha HSC (Bertha), MN

2023 Grants
$3000 to Kingman Route 66 HSC (Kingman), AZ
$3000 to McBean/Lincoln HSC (Lincoln), CA

NHPF Grant Application