In the Hall of Fame & Museum, just inside the entrance, visitors will notice several large plaques on the wall. On each plaque there are forty (40) engraved name plates. Each plate recognizes a contributor and the year they reached or exceeded a level of $500 in contributions.

NHPF Contributors – $500 Level

July 1997, Charles & Rita Killgore, Plattsburg, MO
January 1998, Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Stockton, CA
January 1998, Ed Domey, Sutton, MA
April 1998, Jack Freeman, Nashville, TN
March 1999, Clearwater Horseshoe Club, Clearwater, FL
March 1999, James E. Haley, Stone Mountain, GA
April 1999, Dave & Cathie Loucks, Grass Valley, CA
May 1999, Jack Freeman, Nashville, TN
June 1999, Air Capitol Horseshoe Club, Wichita, KS
July 1999, Ohio Horseshoe Pitchers Association
July 1999, Foster & Carrie Kenton, Hawthorne, NV
August 1999, Elmer & Neta Otnes, Oregon City, OR
August 1999, Robert N. Harvey, Lake Jackson, TX
August 1999, Gold Country Horseshoe Club, Nevada City, CA
September 1999, Steve & Paula Summerlin, Brighton, MI
September 1999, Het Birchfield, Knoxville, TN
September 1999, Dick & Paulette Hansen, Franksville, WI
October 1999, Indiana Horseshoe Pitcher’s Association
November 1999, Monty Roberts, Warsaw, KY
December 1999, Kenneth Schulze, Santa Rosa, CA
January 2000, Robert Carlson, Niwot, CO
January 2000, Charles Jordan, Kerrville, TX
January 2000, Ward Lutz, Rochester, MN
January 2000, Jim & Barbara Culver, Henderson, KY
April 2000, Independence Horseshoe Club, Independence, MO
April 2000, Wisconsin Horseshoe Pitchers Association
May 2000, Paul & Pat Stewart, Statesville, NC
May 2000, Donald Wendler, Granite Shoals, TX
May 2000, Iowa City Lions Club, Iowa City, IA
July 2000, Emerald HPA, Eugene, OR
July 2000, North Carolina Horseshoe Pitchers Association
August 2000, Bismarck Horseshoe Club, Bismarck, ND
August 2000, Lee Wallace, Dallas, OR
September 2000, Colorado Horseshoe Pitchers Association
September 2000, Missouri Horseshoe Pitchers Association
December 2000, Northern California Horseshoe Pitchers Association
January 2001, Randy Joines, Newton, NC
January 2001, Patrick Murtha, Fairfield, CA
January 2001, The Horseshoe Trader
March 2001, Sonoma County Horseshoe Club, Santa Rosa, CA
March 2001, Pacific Northwest Horseshoe Pitchers Association, Vancouver, WA
March 2001, George & Marilyn Hale, Jamestown, NY
April 2001, Mt Clemens Indoor H.C., Mt. Clemens, MI
May 2001, Minnesota Gopher State Horseshoe Pitchers Association
July 2001, Oregon Horseshoe Pitchers Association
July 2001, Boyd Stonerock, Lawton, MI
August 2001, Alice Siddens, East Alton, IL
August 2001, Hibbing Horseshoe Club, Hibbing, MN
August 2001, Jim Haupt, Milwaukee, WI
September 2001, Stewlies Fan Club, Gene Burlingame, IA
October 2001, Art Moran, Webster, MN
December 2001, Elmer “Dutch” Swartz, Seminole, FL
December 2001, George Greeott, Healdsburg, CA
December 2001, Casey & Gail Sluys, Santa Rosa, CA
December 2001, Robert Dunn, Brooklyn Park, MN
December 2001, Laymon Gullett, Denison, TX
January 2002, Eastern Nebraska Horseshoe Pitchers Association
January 2002, Arthur Holter, Coon Rapids, MN
February 2002, Frank Jones, La Follette, TN
June 2002, George J. Egel, Plainfield, NJ
June 2002, Wm. Backer Family, Torrance, CA
June 2002, Ken Kosky, Schofield, WI
August 2002, In Memory of Beverly Born, OK
August 2002, Tim Woodden, Salem, OR
October 2002, Marvin & Mary Bastian, Franklin, TN
October 2002, Bob Champion, Boulder, CO
October 2002, Larry & Pat Ingraham, Howell, MI
November 2002, Norman Gaseau, Clearwater, FL
November 2002, Bill Tedrick, Jonesville, MI
January 2003, Gerard Harris, Dallas, PA
January 2003, Edward Quigley, Pompton Plains, NJ
March 2003, In Memory of Arnie Peters, Sonoma H.C., CA
April, 2003, C. Leo Buell, Iowa City, IA
May, 2003, James Andrews, Bostic, NC
May 2003, Dogwood Tournament, Statesville, NC
June 2003, Judge John G. Brosky (Ret.) Pittsburgh, PA
August 2003, Virginia Horseshoe Pitchers Association
August 2003, Howard Kuehn, Perry, GA
August 2003, Jim Mortinger, Liberal, KS
August 2003, Lee & C.B. Henninger, Hayward, CA
October 2003, Gerald & Carol Shene, Sterling Heights, MI
October 2003, Cajun Horseshoe Club, Church Point, LA
October 2003, Connecticut Horseshoe Pitchers Association
November 2003, Milton (Mickey) Gillette, Warrenton, MO
December 2003, Jim & Phyllis Quist, Ferndale, WA
December 2003, Roy J. Hamilton, Rock Hill, SC
December 2003, New Jersey HPA
January 2004, Earl & Nancy Simler, Forreston, IL
January 2004, Western Missouri & Eastern Kansas Pitchers
February 2004, Donald Boyer, Martinsville, IL
February 2004, Eastern Pennsylvania Horseshoe Pitchers Association
March 2004, Kenosha Horseshoe Club, Kenosha, WI
March 2004, Vern Gosney & Ben Yost, Vallejo Horseshoe Club, CA
April 2004, White Distributors, Erie, PA
April 2004, Walter Ray Williams, Jr., Ocala, FL
May 2004, Bert Mannix, Helmville, MT
June 2004, Stan Ballenger, Greensboro, NC
August 2004, Bayou Horseshoe Pitchers Association, Morgan City, LA
November 2004, Alice Garcia, Carlsbad, CA (In Memory of Eddie)
January 2005, Mel Yockstick, Arvada, CO
April 2005, Roy Henry, Cathedral City, CA (In Memory of Lupe)
April 2005, Johnny Monarchy, Callaway, MD
May 2005, Roy & Suzanne Evans, St. Louis, MO
July 2005, David Spears, Wilder, ID
August 2005, Richard Stormont, Mesa, AZ
August 2005, Tom Westbrook, Edgemoor, SC
October 2005, New Melle, H.C., New Melle, MO
November 2005, Mylan Park HPC, Morgantown, WV
January 2006, Wolverine State HPA
March 2006, Fayette County H.C., Victor, WV
May 2006, Elwyn Cooper, Kansas City, MO
June 2006, Charles M. Bunner, Fairmont, WV
June 2006, Duane McGrath, Napa, CA
June 2006, Heart Of America H.C., Kansas City, MO
June 2006, Ladies Auxiliary, Gold County H.C., Nevada City, CA
July 2006, Ron Kohn, Freeland, MI
July 2006, Tri-County HPA, Sauk Rapids, MN
July 2006, In Memory of Jerry Griggs, MO
July 2006, Kansas City Area Horseshoe Pitchers, MO
July 2006, Wally & Sally Shipley, Newport Beach, CA
August 2006, Ottie Reno, Lucasville, OH
August 2006, Platteville HPA, Platteville, WI
August 2006, Douglas Carr, Collierville, TN
October 2006, Bob Champion Doubles, CO
October 2006, Idaho Horseshoe Pitchers Association
October 2006, St. Clair Shores Horseshoe Club, MI
October 2006, Glenn & Shirley Jamieson, Pleasanton, CA
November 2006, Jay Richmond, Los Banos, CA
November 2006, John & Jan Decker, Holt, MI
December 2006, Beloit Horseshoe Club, Beloit, WI
December 2006, Earl & Vicki Winston, LaMonte, MO
January 2007, Highlands County Horseshoe Club, Sebring, FL
January 2007, Richard Timmer Rock Island, IL
January 2007, Paul & Sharon Taylor, Kansas City, MO
January 2007, Rick Rebman, Hermiston, OR
January 2007, Washington State Horseshoe Pitchers Association
March 2007, Tom & Billie Sue Pennington, Summerfield, FL
March 2007, Bill & Michele Trader, Grand Forks, ND
March 2007, North Dakota Horseshoe Pitchers Association
March 2007, Buck & Rivers Prewette, Eden, NC
March 2007, Betty Burlingame, Davenport, IA (In Memory of Burly)
April 2007, Jean Robinson, Salinas, CA
April 2007, Fred Lavett, Seaside, CA
May 2007, Treasure Valley Horseshoe Club, ID
June 2007, Joe & Alice Faron, New Melle, MO
June 2007, Bill MacIntyre, Washington, NJ
July 2007, Whetstone Horseshoe Club, Columbus, OH
September 2007, Lake of the Ozarks H.C., Laurie, MO
October 2007, George & June Nick, Hastings, MN
October 2007, George Muse, N. Wilkesboro, NC
November 2007, James & Mabel Adcox, Beverly Hills, FL
December 2007, Greater Goldendale H.C., Goldendale, WA
February 2008, Roy D. Flatt, Raytown, MO
February 2008, Eau Claire Horseshoe Club, Eau Claire, WI
March 2008, Frederick Horseshoe Pitchers Association, MD
November 2008, Holly Marie Memorial, Kansas City, MO
December 2008, John Mathys, Bradford, PA
December 2008, Andy & Jan Anderson, Salinas, CA
December 2008, Mark Bergon, Pagosa Springs, CO
April 2009, Bellingham Horseshoe Club, Bellingham, WA
April 2009, Tri-Valley Horseshoe Club, Pleasanton, CA
May 2009, Luella Cave, Sartell, MN
June 2009, In Memory of Bill Owens, Skagit Valley Horseshoe Club, Washington
August 2009, Stuart & Sandra Sipma, Bismarck, ND
August 2009, Ronald Deckard, Tampa, FL
September 2009, Dale LaValley, North Haverhill, NH
September 2009, Half Moon Bay H.C., Half Moon Bay, CA
October 2009, North Mankato H.C., North Mankato, MN
October 2009, Terry & Lorraine Sternberg, Richfield, WI
October 2009, Donald & Jeanette Claas, St. Charles, MO
November 2009, Texas Horseshoe Pitchers Association
May 2010, Maryland Horseshoe Pitchers Association
June 2010, Larry & Marie Farris, Whiting, IN
June 2010, Whiting Horseshoe Club, Whiting, IN
August 2010, Kimmy’s Horseshoe Shop, Vallejo, CA
August 2010, Dale & Lee Estep, Shavertown, PA
August 2010, Oklahoma Horseshoe Pitchers Association
September 2010, William “Bennie” Underwood, Richland Hills, TX
September 2010, Jerry Steadham, Saint Jo, TX
November 2010, Ralph Funk, Wichita, KS
January 2011, Gerald Schneider, Anaheim, CA
January 2011, Iowa Hawkeye Horseshoe Pitchers Association
April 2011, New Mexico Horseshoe Pitchers Association
June 2011, Robert D. Knudtson, Columbia Heights, MN
February 2012, Leo & Deborah Bratland, Danville, IL
March 2012, John “Jack” McKinney, Lincoln, NE
May 2012, Little Elm H.C., Little Elm, TX
June 2012, David & Carla Sidles, Omaha, NE
June 2012, Goldendale Horseshoe Club, Germantown, WI
August 2012, Sodbusters Horseshoe Club, Middlebury, VT
October 2012, Jane Jordan, Chester, SC
May 2013, Herschel Walters, Bourbon, IN
August 2013, Barry & Barbara Chapelle, Portland, OR
August 2013, Jerry & Diane Smith, Nampa, ID
August 2013, Richard & Mary Altis, Ballwin, MO
September 2013, Stockton Horseshoe Club, Stockton, MO
September 2013, Robinson Family, Spearfish, SD
November 2013, Michael & Cathy Ardelean, Auburn Hills, MI
December 2013, Arlington Iron Benders H.C., Arlington, TX
January 2014, Kevin D. & Cynthia Cone, Storm Lake, IA
April 2014, Gerald & Brenda Ramey, Butner, NC
May 2014, Lawrence & Mary Figueira, Shady Grove, OR
July 2014, Kevin M. Smith, Gregory A. Smith, Berkley, MI
July 2014, Alex & Barbara Carson, AZ
August 2014, Nevada State HPA, Sun Valley, NV
August 2014, Vermont HPA, Huntington, VT
September 2014, Balboa Park Horseshoe Club, San Diego, CA
December 2014, Leroy J. Law, West Des Moines, IA
February 2015, Republic County Ringers, Belleville, KS
October 2015, City of Bronson, KS
June 2016, Harlen Rippetoe, Madera, CA
August 2016, Zane Goggin, Ringgold, GA
October 2016, Darrel & Lorraine Koistinen, WA
December 2016, Do Drop Inn Horseshoe Club, IL
June 2017, Florida State Horseshoe Pitchers Association, FL
June 2017, Central Connecticut Horseshoe Club, CT
June 2017, Minot Horseshoe Club, ND
August 2017, Dean Schmitz, MI
August 2017, David Everitt, NJ
August 2017, Inge Byrkjeland, Norway
January 2018, Richmond/Ottawa Horseshoe Club, KS
August 2018, Thomas Dunham, SC
August 2018, Neil R. Hartwig, KS
August 2018, Edward Ellwood, NE
September 2018, Lions Park Horseshoe Club, MO
September 2018, Capital City Horseshoe Club, MO
September 2018, Stevens Point Horseshoe Club, WI
November 2018, Jessica Le, MN
January 2019, Anaconda Horseshoe Club, MT
July 2019, Lions Park Horseshoe Club, MO
July 2019, Millstadt Horseshoe Club, IL
January 2020, Republic County Ringers, KS
June, 2020, Dalton Rakestraw, IL
September 2020, Fridley Horseshoe Club, MN
October 2020, Perry Horseshoe Pitchers Club, GA
February 2021, Paul Spell, MO
May 2021, Hal Griswold, CA