We express our sincere thanks to the following who have donated
throughout the year.
Your support is vital to the continued operation of the
Hall of Fame and Museum and Foundation.

Jan/Feb, 2022

Donating $10 – $99

Minnesota State HPA
Danville Horseshoe Club, IL (In memory of Martin Drummond)
Leo V Bratland, IL (In memory of Martin Drummond)

Donating $100 – $199

Half Moon Bay Horseshoe Club, CA
Robert E Jackson, KS
Missouri Horseshoe Pitchers Assn
Virginia State Horseshoe Pitchers Assn
   (April Campbell, Mark Bunch, John Rabung, Donna Keefer,
     Larry Huff, James Otto, Jerry Colyer)
Network For Good, MI

Donating $200 – $499

Half Moon Bay Horseshoe Club, CA   (Grant Repayment)
Clearwater Horseshoe Club, FL

Other Income

Rebate from AMEREN   $1200.00  (Lighting Update to Building)

Mar/Jun, 2022

Donating $10-$99

Marlys Timm, MN
Dean Schmitz, MI
Leo & Deborah Bratland, IL
(In memory of Lois Hottinger)
Republic County Ringers, KS
David Spears, ID
Mel Yockstick, CO

Donating $100-$199

Susan Moore, NY (In memory of Patrick Moore)

Donating $200-$300

Network for Good, MI
Colorado HPA, CO
Colorado HPA, CO (bricks)

Donating $3000-$5000

Harold Griswold, CA

Other Income:

Merchandize Sales $20.00
Museum Donation Box $135.00

Jul/Dec, 2022

Donating $10-$99

George David, CA

Donating $100-$199

Lions Park Horseshoe Club, MO
1962 Portland State College Vikings Baseball Team, OR
(In memory of Barry Chapelle)

Donating $200-$300

Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club, MO
Joe Summers, CA

Other Income:

Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club, MO $2500 Rent