We express our sincere thanks to the following who have donated
throughout the year.
Your support is vital to the continued operation of the
Hall of Fame and Museum and Foundation.

Jan/Feb, 2020

Donating $10-$99

Bill Hendrix, MO
Charles Bunner, WV
Tennessee HPA (In Memory of Bill Davis)
Pacific NW HPA
Mel Yockstick, CO

Donating $100-$300

Minnesota Gopher State HPA
Maryland HPA
North Caroline HPA (NHPF Benefit Tournament)
Dale Hughes, CA
Paul Weise, WI
Millstadt Horseshoe Club, IL
Iowa Hawkeye HPA
Joe & Mary Summers, CA

Donating $500-$1000

Casey & Gail Sluys, CA

Bricks Purchased By
Larry J. Pertuit, LA
Kentucky Horseshoe Pitching Assn.
Fond Du Lac H.C., WI
Greg Bendzick, MO

Other Income

Half Moon Bay Horseshoe Club $200.00 Grant repayment
Museum Donation box $154.00
Lindsay Bangers, CA $95.00 Grant repayment
Exeter HC, CA $20.00 Grant repayment
Merchandise Sales $285.00
QRHC Rent $2,500.00

Mar/Apr, 2020

Donating $15-$99

Republic County Ringers, KS
Charles Bunner, WV

Donating $100-$300

Dave & Cathie Loucks, CA
Richmond/Ottawa Horseshoe Club, KS
Central Connecticut Horseshoe Club
Minnesota Gopher State HPA

Other Income

NHPA $1 per member annual $8325.00
Amazon Smile $52.80

May/Jun, 2020

Donating $15-$99

Bert W. Logsdon, IA
Charles Bunner, WV 
Bill Sprague Horseshoe Team, IA
  (Roz Smith, Skip Hills, Shirley & Bill Sprague)

Donating $100-$300

James & Phyllis Quist, WA
Stewart & Sandra Sipma, ND
Brian Poole, ID
Do Drop Inn Horseshoe Club, IL
Washington State HPA, WA 

Donating $300-$600

Clearwater Horseshoe Club, FL

Other Income

Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club MO  $2500.00 (Rent) 

July/Aug, 2020

Donating $15-$99

David Spears, ID
Rick Bermingham, CA

Donating $100-$300

Kevin & Karla Brekke, WI
Luella Cave, MN
Pearl Platero, NM
Peggy & Chris Ogden, FL
Lions Park Horseshoe Club, MO
Al Ross, OK
Rich Robbins, CA
Jean Brown, CA
Jerry D. Smith, CA
Treasure Valley Horseshoe Club, ID
James & Joan Elmore, TN
Earl Romine, KS
Walter Ray Williams Jr., FL
Dineta McIntire, MO
David Rioux, CT

Donating $900-$1100

Dalton Rakestraw, IL
(Bazaar Tournament)

Donating $2500-$3000

Emerald (Eugene) Horseshoe Club, OR

Sep/Dec, 2020

Donating $15-$99

Charles Bunner, WV
Joann Stafford, TN (In Memory of Steve Summerlin)
Lindsay Banders HC, CA
Exeter Iron Benders HC, CA
Patricia Pertuit, LA
Bert Logsdon, IA
Balboa Park HC, CA (Grant Repayment)

Donating $100-$350

Bert Logsdon, IA
Casey & Gail Sluys, CA
William Bernie Underwood, TX
Maryland HPA
Sodbusters HC, VT
Phyllis & James Quist, WA
Perry Horseshoe Pitchers Club, GA
Iowa Hawkeye HPA, IA
Dave & Cathie Loucks, CA
Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club, MO
Vicki Winston, MO

Other Income:

Sales to Dennis Horseshoe, TX $160.00