We express our sincere thanks to the following who have donated
throughout the year.
Your support is vital to the continued operation of the
Hall of Fame and Museum and Foundation.

Jan/Feb, 2018

Donating $10-$99

Charles M. Bunner, WV

Donating $200-$499

Dave & Cathie Loucks, CA
Millstadt Horseshoe Club, IL
Joe & Mary Summers, CA

Donating ($500-$750)

Casey & Gail Sluys, CA

Bricks Purchased By

Zane & Joyce Goggin, GA

Other Income;

NHPA $250.00 Rent
City of Bronson, KS $279.00 Grant Repayment
Bob Dunn Book Sales $ 39.00

Mar/Apr, 2018

Donating $100-$199

Leroy J. Law, IA
Sonoma County Horseshoe Club, CA

Donating $200-$499

Richmond/Ottawa Horseshoe Club, KS (Grant Repayment)
Iowa Hawkeye Horseshoe Pitchers Association, IA

Other Income;

Museum Donation Box $ 125.00
Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club $ 2500.00 Rent

May/June, 2018

Donating $100-$199

Republic County Ringers, KS
Charles Bunner, WV
Arthur Anderson, CA
Mary Figueira, OR
Memorial – Millie Schultz, CA
Minnesota Gopher State HPA, MN
Luella Cave, MN

Donating $500-$700

Clearwater Horseshoe Club, FL

Other Income;

Robert Dunn, MN Book Sales $39.00
NHPF Merchandize Sales $140.00
Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club $2500.00 (Rent)

July/August, 2018

Donating $10-$99

Charles Bunner, WV
Anonymous, NJ

Donating $100-$199

Anthony Ridder, MO

Donating $200-$399

Capital City Horseshoe Club, MO
Mike Wood, IL
Maryland HPA, MD
Pearl Platero, NM

Donating $400-$599

Central Connecticut Horseshoe Club, CT

Other Income

NHPF Merchandise Sales $20.00

September/October, 2018

Donating $25-$99

Charles Bunner, WV
Goldendale Horseshoe Club, WI
Peggy Ogden, FL
Mona Della Santina, CA

Donating $100-$300

Sodbusters HPC,VT
Kickapoo Valley Pits, WI
Barry & Barb Chapelle, OR
Vicki Winston, MO
Whetstone Horseshoe Club (OH)
VT Horseshoe Pitchers Association

Donating $800-$1000

Emerald Horseshoe Pitching Assn, OR

Donating $4500-$5500

Neil R Hartwig (KS)

Edward Ellwood, (NE)

Bricks Purchased By

Horseshoe Pitching Professional Tour (SC)
Josh Olson (MN)
Thomas Dunham (SD)
Raymond D. Graham
Dobie Gutweiler (WI)
Stu Sipma (ND)
Minot Horseshoe Club (ND)

Other Income;

Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club, MO $ 2500.00 Rent
Bob Dunn Book Sales , MN $ 96.00 Sales

November/December, 2018

Donating $25-$99

Charles Bunner, (WV)
David Spears (ID)
Pacific Northwest HPA (WA)
William Sprague Horseshoe Team (IA)
Catherine Guilliams-Chan (WI) (Bob Dunn Memorial)

Donating $100-$300

Whetstone Horseshoe Club (OH)
Vermont HPA (VT)
Anonymous (2)
California HPA (2)
Paul Wiese (WI)
North Carolina HPA
Iowa HPA
Half Moon Bay Horseshoe Club (CA) (Grant Repayment)
Missouri HPA (MO)

Donating $300-$500

David & Carla Sidles (NE)
Minnesota Gopher State HPA (MN)
Kevin & Gregory Smith (MI)

Donating $700-$1500

Stevens Point Horseshoe Club, WI (Grant Repayment)

Bricks Purchased By

Minot Horseshoe Club (ND)
William H. Fox, (DE)
Lions Park Horseshoe Club (MO)
Capital City Horseshoe Club (MO)
Vern Kollasch (IA)

Other Income;

Bob Dunn (MN) Book Sales $96.00
World Tournament Auction $260.00
NHPA Rent $750.00
NHPA (1$ per member) $8991.00